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Welcome to FITS IS

The development of Farmersí Information and Technology Services (FITS) Information System became the first concrete step in utilizing ICT to achieve the FITS/Techno Pinoy Programís service-oriented goals.

Generally, it aims to serve as a viable tool to facilitate faster access to information to fast track the delivery of services to clients in agriculture, forestry and natural resources.

Specifically, it hopes to a) organize data available on technologies whether from local, regional and other sources; b) provide an up-to-date inventory of agriculture-related publications and video materials that are available in the FITS/Techno Pinoy Center; and c) make ICT-based services available to FITS clients.

The FITS Information System was developed as a Web-based system and is composed of six (6) major databases namely: technology, expertsí profile, farmersí profile, contact firms, publication, and technology video materials.

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